Calderoni certified diamond in blister pack : carats 0.11 F IF
Calderoni certified diamond in blister pack : carats 0.11 F IF
Calderoni certified diamond in blister pack :...
Calderoni certified diamond in blister pack :...

Calderoni certified diamond in blister pack : carats 0.11 F IF

0.11 F IF
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Brilliant cut diamonds sealed and certified in blister packs by Calderoni Milano 1840

For investment, for special occasions, as a safe haven, Calderoni certified diamonds have always been the right alternative to save or accumulate wealth. Calderoni Milano 1840, a brand of Damiani Group specialized in the field of sealed diamonds, offers a widespread choice for every need. All the caliber and quality available immediately, GIA America certification for all 0.30 carat and higher stones, furthermore for these carats immediate resale possibility.

Winner of the Four Diamonds International Awards, the Oscars of jewelry, the Calderoni Jewelry Milan creates jewelry for the elite and European royal houses since 1840 with the most precious materials, the purest stones, and the most appealing designs, between tradition and elegant innovation. With an experience of almost 200 years, to which we add the seriousness and professionalism of the Damiani group, of which today it is part and respect for the ethical standards of the Kimberley Process for conflict-free diamonds, the Calderoni Diamonds are a wise choice for those looking for an option certified by the value that continues and increases over time.

The Calderoni Diamonds are also an original gift idea and not obvious in many respects. A diamond is always able to excite and amaze, but as a good gift it is a simple and valid opportunity to accumulate and pass on your savings to your children and heirs. Furthermore, the Calderoni sealed diamonds represent an investment option with excellent chances to increase their value: the world diamond reserves are not infinite and the demand, especially in the industrial and jewelery sector, is constantly increasing, with prices tendentially less influenced by political upheavals or financial crises.

Soprana Jewelry offers you a wide selection of Calderoni Diamonds sealed in blisters and certificates, a brilliant investment option to diversify your assets with a durable alternative. The historical moment and the situation in constant evolution of the global financial market makes the diamond, and above all the Calderoni sealed diamonds, a heartfelt option to diversify your portfolio and safeguard your savings with a real and tangible asset and not speculative, hence from the prices tend to be more stable.

The security and value of the Calderoni Diamonds are also guaranteed by the special CertiCard pouch, the world leader in the field of anti-counterfeiting that supplies the most important world gemmological laboratories, such as GIA, the Gemmological Institute of America, or HRD. Thanks to the special CryptoPrint system and the transparent membrane that covers the diamond housing, any attempt to open or force the CertiCard of your sealed Calderoni Diamonds will leave visible and irreparable signs, ensuring that the diamond cannot be replaced and that the relative data does not may be alterable. The CERTIEYE coded seal on the back adds an additional level of security, easily verifiable via the free APP. is the e-commerce channel of the Soprana jewelry store since 1910 srl, which is an Authorized Calderoni Milan Dealer for Italy.

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Since it was first established in 1840, Calderoni has gained extensive experience researching, selecting and selling diamonds certified by leading international gemological institutes, as a guarantee of reliability and excellence. An ethical, certified diamond is a gift of inestimable sentimental and tangible value.

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