Italy after Second World War marks the beginning of Soprana’s history. In 1946 three brothers, Adolfo, Roberto and Edoardo opened their first jewelry, clock-making and optical store in Valdagno. Adolfo Soprana then moved to Vicenza where he opened a jewelry store in Piazza dei Signori. It was 1956.

This is how, 50 years ago, the adventure of this historic jewelry store started. It was a journey that spread throughout half a century and bound itself to the people and the life of this city in its every event, private or public. In 1973 Adolfo took over the ancient Marangoni jewelry store and since then the company has continued to invest in the new shop, infrastructure- and culture-wise. The Basilica thus became the heart of the business of the Soprana family, who commits to it with passion and energy.

But Soprana’s story, besides being a prestigious commercial adventure, is above all a story of passion and love for the history of jewels and clock-making.

In these years a series of numerous cultural occasions followed one another. Soprana’s jewelry store wanted them, as it has always been interested in concrete forms of neo-patronage by conducting genuine cultural happenings aimed at bringing back unique pieces of evidence of of the history of Vicenza. Soprana has always invested in culture, not only through sponsorships but also by producing researches (such as that on the commercial plan of the Basilica in ‘800, carried out by Manuela Baruasse), events, exhibitions, concerts and restorations.


In 2000, in the occasion of the Jubilee year, Soprana designed and executed the restoration of the Crown of the Basilica of Mount Berico, returning it to devotees and the city. The Crown is an exceptional testimonial of the great devotion of Vicenza and the extraordinary goldsmith craftsmanship of the artisans that created it. It was Marangoni himself, from whom Adolfo Soprana acquired the shop in 1973, who at the end of the XIX century created the crown that, one hundred years later, his ideal successor would restore. Following the restoration, an important volume was published and an exhibition took place at the civic museum of Vicenza, in Palazzo Chiericati di Palladio.


The following year, in 2001, in the occasion of the restoration of the Bissara Tower (with the studies of documents made by Ms Barausse) an exhibition on the "Six hundred years of history of the clock of the Bissara Tower" was organized in the grand Salone degli Zavatteri. It was also a good occasion to reinsert the moon phase that had been missing for 200 years. The intervention was the result of an in-depth historical and document-filled study. In 2006 in the occasion of the first 50 years of the Soprana jewelry store being located in Piazza dei Signori, Soprana promoted and took care of the exhibition “THE JEWEL OF VICENZA” at the diocesan museum in Vicenza. Today Lella and Stefano Soprana, together with their children Matteo e Giovanni, continue this story projected into the future of a tradition of intense emotions with the same energy and passion.

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