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Orbita SWING

Orbita SWING

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Programmable and easy to operate, using a touch switch with four positions you can select charging program specific to your automatic watch. A box with an elegant line, in addition to protecting the watches from dust, makes sure that the movement could take place without drawbacks. Its inner surface is lined with black velvet, while a glazed window inserted in the lid allows you to throw a 'look at your watch at any time.

Product Details

Item Number: W13006
Brand: Orbita
Style No: W13006
Series: Siena 1 Watchwinder
Style: Single Watchwinder
Size: 6.5 x 6.0 x 8.3 in
Information: The sloped front case houses an easily removable drive station fitted with an ironless core gear motor. The case is fitted with a beveled glass viewing panel. User-programmable control allows head direction and turns per day (TPD) to be optimized for the watch being wound. Power is provided by either easily available C cell alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC/DC adapter. A low battery light automatically signals when battery replacement is due.

SIENA wooden cases are available in Teakwood, Maple Burl, with high-gloss durable lacquer finishes.

DUAL MOUNT OPTION - You may also purchase a dual mount holder for the SIENA 1 to wind two watches at the same time. Watches are mounted on foam cushions which support two watches securely providing 360° winding action. Both watches should be mounted together to provide balanced rotation.
Material: Maple Burl
Variations: Also available in Teakwood
Also Called: Orbita W13006
Category: Winders
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