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SOPRANA collection SAPPHIRE necklace in white gold, diamonds 0.16 ct and sapphire 0.67 ct - paigemPEND.CUORE

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0.16 - G - VS
420 - 450
WIDTH (mm)
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The name “sapphire” can also apply to any corundum that’s not ruby, another corundum variety.

Depending on their trace element content, sapphire varieties of the mineral corundum might be blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple or even show a six-rayed star if cut as a cabochon.


Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the gem of the 5th and 45th anniversaries.


It all began on 10 October 1910 when Alfredo Giovanni Soprana learned the art of watchmaking from the master Santini of Varese. He specializes in 1911 in Vicenza. At the suggestion of his father he emigrated to Buenos Aires, where he made his fortune thanks also to his ability to model the thin glasses of watches using photographic plates. Returning to Italy, in the 1930s he built the minute hand for the clock of the bell tower of San Giovanni Ilarione. In 1940 he established his business in Valdagno, an area projected towards the future thanks to the Marzotto industries.

It is post-war Italy that instead marks the beginning of his children's business. In 1946 three brothers Adolfo, Roberto and Edoardo opened their first jewelery-watchmaking and opticians in Valdagno in Corso Italia 14.

Only ten years later Adolfo Soprana goes down to Vicenza and opens a watch and optical jewelery shop in Piazza dei Signori at number 53. It was 1956. Thus began the adventure of the historic jewelery, a path that has gone through more than half a century by joining people and the life of this city in all its events, private or public.

In 1973 Adolfo took over from the old Marangoni jewelry shop, located under the vaults of the Palladian Basilica since 1770, and since then the company has moved under the "Palladian vaults" and has continued to invest in the new shop, both from an infrastructural point of view. than cultural. The Basilica thus becomes the heart of the work of the Sopranas who dedicate their passion and energy to it. The sons Fiorenza and Stefano also join the business.

In 1989 the shop was restored after the acquisition of the Bersani company, the display windows increased from three to five and the Jewelery and Goldsmith's Workshop was also created and the Soprana brand was deposited for the production of jewelry. On the occasion, the entire facade on the side of piazzetta palladio was restored.

In 1995 Stefano and Adolfo opened the PENDOLERIA, a place dedicated to furnishing watchmaking. On this occasion, the watchmaking laboratory dedicated to the revision and restoration of these magnificent mechanical jewels was also born.

But the history of the Sopranas, in addition to a prestigious commercial adventure, is above all a path of passion and love for the history of jewelery and watchmaking.

In recent years, many cultural occasions have followed and repeated, desired by the jewelry that has always been interested in concrete forms of neo-patronage by conducting real cultural operations for the return of unique testimonies of Vicenza history. Soprana has always invested in culture, not only by sponsoring it but by producing research, events, exhibitions, concerts, restorations.

In 2000 the Goldsmith Giovenzio Posenato, who joined the Soprana team in 1990, carried out the complete restoration of the crown and breastplate of the Madonna di Monte Berico. With the occasion Stefano Soprana creates the historical-cultural book on restoration.

In 2001, after the restoration of the Bissara Tower, the Soprana took charge of the restoration of the tower clock, the dial and rebuilt the moon phase as it was in 1597, thus reintroducing it after 200 years.

Also for this important date for Vicenza, Soprana has given life to a manuscript on the Restoration of the Bissara Tower

In 2003, with the acquisition of the ZANETTI company, the whole side of Piazzetta Palladio became a single shop with 6 display windows thanks to the second restoration.

In 2008, after the fourth generation entered the store with Matteo and Giovanni, ScrignoSoprana.com was born, the new e-commerce showcase to satisfy international customers.

In 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, we created, in collaboration with Meistersinger, the "Soprana No. 6", giving one to the President of the Italian Republic as a symbolic gesture.

On May 21, 2013, the "Loving Palladio" brand was born from an idea of ​​Stefano Soprana and his love for Palladian art of which Vicenza is the cradle.

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